“I am a 25 years old photographer born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany. I do photography now since 11 years and went through a couple of different genres. Five years ago I started to photograph people. Today my personal photographic mission is to take photos that show personality and attitude. A long long time I more photographed ideas or lighting setups instead on focusing on the people, their story and what kind of setting fits to them. So my work is all about people. When I first met Michelle I was pretty suprised about her self-confidence and strong personality. We decided to work together and the attached story is the result of a very free and more experimental cooperation that developed during the process of photographing. The framework we set for this were light and puristic portraits with intensity.”


Photographer: Erik Rulands, IG: @fototrallafiti
Model: Michelle Ewich., IG: @michellemcel