Sam Livm is a 24 year old photographer and film director currently based in New York, NY.
His unique style of capturing natural beauty in intimate stories by the great outdoors invites you to be part of his experience. With a free spirit feel and youthful energy, he has developed an authentic and inspiring work.

Your work is full of sensual pictures of beautiful female models, in many of them they are fully naked. How was your first time shooting a naked girl?
I forget who I first shot without clothes. But I do remember the physical and emotional boundaries I set forth for myself when I started photography more than 3 years ago. I wanted to keep business and pleasure separate. It was still considered work for me and I didn’t want to build the wrong reputation.

Have you ever worried that your photos could be viewed as sexist? 
Not at all. I think my current nude portraits are my interpretation of finding the beauty in women. It’s not like I portray women as lesser than men, or lesser than me. I don’t think I’m objectifying them either.

Who’s your muse? My girlfriend.

What do you look for in a model when casting? 
Personality and confidence. Some attitude wouldn’t hurt. I want someone who has stories to tell.

When does a photo become art?
When someone buys it.

Are you able to make a living out of photography?
Completely with my own work? No. I’m not there yet.

How long did it take for photography to become your only form of income?
Photography is not and will never be my only form of income. There’s other ways of making money.

Do your pictures reflect your lifestyle? 
Some photographs do, others are just, make believe.

When shooting: Planned or improvised?
I think it’s a little bit of both. Think of it like this; I plan to shoot at a playground, but what we do in the playground is all improvised. 

Do you think about your audience’s reaction in any part of your creative process? 
With my photography, I used to care all the time but then I started to realize how unhappy I became when I thought like that. It felt like some boss looking over your shoulder. So not really. I stopped caring a long time ago. 

Do other people’s judgement influence your work?
Most people, no. There’s only about a handful of people I will listen to absolute shit on my work and listen with a smile.

What role does social media play in your carreer?
It helps reach out to people who normally wouldn’t be able to find my work. Hopefully it inspires them somehow.

Is being on the road important for your work?
It’s always good to take a break. I think if you’re doing something all the time, it can get counterproductive. Things start to grow stale and you don’t allow yourself the time to evolve with your work by being away from it. Art has always been a reciprocal relationship.

What is the best company to travel with?
People you love. People you don’t understand but are madly curious about.

3 places in the world that you would like to go to.
Iceland, New Zealand, and Japan first come to mind.

Does photography affect your relationship with other people and the environment?
Sure, just like any other art.

How do you like to spend time when you’re not shooting?
Hanging out with my girlfriend, studying film theory, not thinking about shooting.

What is your current favorite track?
Dreary Moon by Big Black Delta

The best decision you took so far in life?
I used to skate when I was in high school. I was this uptight kid who grew up in a pretty neighborhood and wanted to rebel from my conservative parents. I didn’t know what to do with myself. After you skate for a while, you start venturing out of your own neighborhood and meeting other skaters in their hoods. So I met these Forest Hill kids, and they would take me to warehouse parties in Brooklyn. Like real warehouse parties, not the bullshit Eventbrite organized for-profit events. This stuff was underground, dirty girls and perverted boys plagued the corners of these places. Cops would raid the place. Anyways, I never knew what I wanted, and I was frustrated about not knowing the answers. And these kids from the Forest Hills crew was just so chill about life. They just told me to “Ride the Wave”. It sticks with me, seven years later.

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