We spoke to Tom Batrouney, an Australian photographer who spends his time around oceans and cities seeking and capturing moments with thought-provoking people.
Tom is in transition between cities, he’s moving to Sydney to get closer to something he really enjoys, riding waves. He also the Photo-Editor and Co-Founder of Paper Sea Quarterly magazine.

What and where is home for you?
I currently live in Melbourne, Australia and am moving in the next few weeks to Sydney. My current area is full of creatives, music and interesting/ edgy people. There are so many rad people to shoot in Melbourne and it’s got that European feel with a bit of a dirty skin to it. Melbourne is a good place to be a photographer.

What is it that inspires you to pick up a camera?
I first picked up a camera as a means to document things I wanted to collect and keep forever. Things that didn’t stay around too long like patterns in the sand and quick moments with friends. After realising that photography was a really good way of expressing myself and doing it in my own way it became a simple tool and way of speaking to the world and finally into a career. Cameras and photography is the best way I have found I can express myself and document what I am seeing and how I am seeing it. I simply use the camera as an extension of my eyes and use it as the simple tool it is to burn what i am seeing onto film or memory cards. What inspires me to pick up a camera is in it’s simplest form is people, places and moments.

What’s a typical work day like?
Emails, emails, emails, scanning film, editing images, shooting in a studio or on location and trying to run a magazine in between all that. Hopefully ending with a romantic dinner with my babe cooked at home and some music.

What makes a woman sexy?
Confidence, unique looks and character and piercing eyes.

Besides photography, what are your interests?
Surfing, fashion, art and rolling in hot sand in the nude after swimming in the sea.

Name 5 things you can’t live without:
1 – My girl who inspires me and is my main muse.
2 – Meeting new people and photographing them. Nothing is more intense.
3 – The ocean because it is the only thing I have found that is totally different everyday.
4 – Riding waves. Something I could not exist without.
5 – Family.

Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon?
Probably doing the same things I do during the week. My job is 7 days a week because I want it to be. I have worked hard to make sure my job and everyday life is always full of challenges and  things I love most of the time so you’d find me surfing, shooting and having sex on the beach.

The perfect meal to share with a loved one?
Good prawns in good fresh pasta simple.

Best concert you’ve been to?
Deer Tick at The Northcote Social Club in Melbourne.

Has the place you live in influenced your work?
I grew up in Melbourne and now moving to Sydney to be back by the beach. Environment and people are pretty much everything for me and for my work. Australia is a great place to be a photographer with pretty open-minded and interesting people. There are great models and you can shoot in locations that are not seen very often.

Any future projects?
I’m excited for a near year and to keep doing what I’m doing. One of my main clients this year is a new Australian surf brand called Pt Nemo which is making clothing in Italy and bringing it over and shooting it on the best models. I can’t talk about it too much but I am very excited to see where this label goes as it is doing things differently and has a killer approach to fashion being sexy!

 Photographer: TBP @tbphotog www.tb-photog.com / Model: Kristen @kristenfowler / Agency: Wink Models @winkmodels

Photographer: TBP @tbphotog www.tb-photog.com / Model: Monica @monica_foley / Agency: London Mgmt @londonmgmtgroup

Photographer: TBP @tbphotog www.tb-photog.com / Model: Oceana @oceanastrachan


Photographer: TBP @tbphotog www.tb-photog.com / Model: Sinead @sinead420 / Agency: Neon Model Mgmt @neonmodelmanagement


 Photographer: TBP @tbphotog www.tb-photog.com / Model: Ameena @ameenapayne